I had a total of three sessions with Bob and Linda, one with Linda alone. I can honestly say it was a transformative experience and all the stress, fear, anxiety I had carried just melted. I found both very focused, professional and full of love. They knew just how to help me to release the burdens that were holding me back. In addition to more closure with past family issues, I found myself able to face present challenges like a complex legal situation with peace. I experienced the faster EFT as an effective tool for healing and would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful couple to anyone. -M.G. from Missouri

Yesterday was my 6th session with you, and what a finale! This morning I feel so peaceful, contented and clear, which is a real miracle considering how broken I felt on our first session Besides being able to release many dark, heavy sorrow-laden memories, I was also able to move through the loss of my job and my teeth. I am in awe of the perfect timing of it all. I know that without you guiding me through all of this, I would still be overwhelmed with blame, shame and guilt (my favorite honed skills). I thank you for your assurance that I have everything I need, and I know that if I get bogged down again, you are here for me.  Peace, love, forgiveness…gratitude and joy. -M.H. from Oregon

Linda’s sessions are well organized, professionally facilitated and truly transformative. During our sessions, many suppressed memories came to the surface and were quickly cleared and released…for good! She’s great at what she does and is focused on results. Thank you Linda! – A.B from California

My sinuses continued to open up. The next morning I felt like the real me was being released. I even went to a business building that I avoid because the air freshener has always been too strong and I would feel floaty, lightheaded or woozy. But it wasn’t until after I got back home that I realized I couldn’t recall smelling any air freshener while I was in that building. -J.H. from Oregon

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and thank you for giving me a running start at what ended up being an awesome weekend with my son. I was present, engaged, energized and in the moment. Best Father’s Day weekend ever! I can’t thank you enough! -K.B. from Missouri

I felt great after the session. Lighter. And freer. Thursday, I had so much more energy and increased productivity. I couldn’t believe how much work I got accomplished. Same on Friday. The biggest effect that I was aware of was a total change in my attitude toward (my ex). Not being emotionally consumed with painful memories was a HUGE , HUGE change in my thinking, feeling and state of being. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I am now free to be me and move forward in my life. I can now take actions to pursue my career more aggressively without negative, disempowering emotions around my neck like an albatross. You two have dramatically improved my entire life from this time forward. I will always be grateful to you. -M.Z. from Missouri

I just had to share this with you! Yesterday’s session was obviously a huge breakthrough in how stuck I have still felt in closing my business. I rested well last night, and it seems I have gotten more done before noon today than I get done in a typical week. My brain is so lucid, my heart feels open and I’ve knocked so many things off my to-do list. It sounds so basic but when my brain has been so severely impaired, it is so difficult to get things done. I feel like my ‘old self’ in a great way! I’m so deeply grateful for our work together and I look forward to our next time together. With love and gratitude! -N.W. from Florida

Bob and Linda, Just a note to say I Love ya – and I’m very thankful for you both. Thank you for always being positive and uplifting. You are a blessing and have helped me (and many others) get my life balanced and aligned, healed and strengthened my soul in a natural way. Teaching me how my thoughts and energy needed to shift. Helping me release the anchor of bad emotions and memories that kept me feeling low. I can truly feel my soul sparkle now! I can shine in love and see people and the world in the most loving beautiful way now. -D.K. from Missouri

Driving back home after our session last night was interesting and introspective. Have to tell you at Whole Foods, the baked goods had no call, I started to look through them and walked away. The need to shop them was about as great as the need to shop socks in the mens department. But you will love this -as I am sitting at the stop light I find myself humming and moving to the beat of the song. I had forgotten that happy feeling! Thank you, Linda Thank you, Bob. -P.R. from Arkansas

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